We have created a new empire to conquer inline hockey.

Reign is a complete inline hockey skate collection designed in Germany with revolutionary products that allow players all over the world the chance to destroy their competition.

Never before has a hockey skate been so specifically constructed, designed and developed. With our Reign collection, we threw out everything away that had been done before and started from scratch with new innovation, new ideas and new skills. We thought it was time for a revolution, time to dominate.

Three wheel skates are the future

and the benefits are only magnified in the close quarters of an intense hockey match. Initially tested using kids, the testing didn’t stop there; it migrated into the elite categories. Stop/Go, Left/right, forward/backwards, everything is faster, and easier. Thanks to having one wheel under the center of the foot, you get more control over the skater so therefore you can out maneuver your opponents on their out dated 4 wheel skates.

Reign also features a revolutionary trinity mounting system.

As the name suggests, it features three mounting points between the boot and frame, but these strategically placed points are designed to allow for maximum power transfer, but actually increase maneuverability without adding any extra weight. The trinity mounting system is designed to be used in tandem with 3 wheels to magnify those benefits.

Why should you be told where to mount your frames on your boots?

Thanks to the trinity mounting system you have the freedom to manipulate your boot and frame position to suit your skating style and body shape.

The higher end models of the Reign collection use a compression molded carbon shell. Because of this construction process it enables these boots to be super lightweight. This shell also uses pain free technology, where we have removed portions of the shell to allow for more comfort.

For Reign we have partnered with Prime wheels.

Prime wheels are made from the finest urethanes available to give the player all the qualities needed to take that game winning shot. We have developed championship winning technologies such as the “fast forward” inner band and the pivot core.

Reign has all the weapons needed to conquer your adversaries,



Wicked bearings

Wicked (WCD) hardware is the new standard in which other hardware brands will be measured. WCD offers a complete collection of hardware goods. WCD has got your back to make sure you get there faster and easier.

At the center of the brand is the bearing collection. No other collection has been so extensively developed. There are bearings to suit every application, at every performance level, and also for every budget. Right from our class topping Swiss bearings, through to the 50-piece pack ABEC 5 bearings you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Be Wicked